In the last quarter of 2014, sponsors of the Glazing Supply Chain Group commissioned National Energy Foundation (NEF) to produce an independent research report on the energy efficiency of windows/glazing and their contribution to the overall energy saving and reduction in carbon emissions from buildings in the UK.

The report, entitled “Glazing in Buildings – reducing energy use” was launched in April 2015 here is an extract from the Executive Summary.

“Buildings account for 40% of the UK’s total energy consumption. Much of this is wasted through old and poorly insulated windows and glazing systems. High performance, energy efficient glazing units have been developed through innovation in the glazing industry. These have the potential to save a large proportion of the UK’s energy bill in both housing and commercial buildings.

Study aims

This study was commissioned to identify:

  1. How much energy can be saved if more existing domestic and non-domestic buildings in the UK install the most energy efficient commercially available glazing and associated technologies.
  2. How can the uptake of energy efficient glazing and energy efficient glazing technologies be encouraged and incentivised. What barriers exist. What actions and messages are there for the policy makers and the glazing supply chain.”

To download a free copy of this report and see the Headline Findings of the research simply log in or register here.